Dubrovnik Airport has been renamed Ruđer Bošković Airport

November 12, 2023


Roger Joseph Boscovich SJ (Croatian: Ruđer Josip Bošković; pronounced [rûd͡ʑer jǒsip bôʃkoʋit͡ɕ]; Italian: Ruggiero Giuseppe Boscovich; Latin: Rogerius (Iosephus) Boscovicius; 18 May 1711 – 13 February 1787) was a physicist, astronomer, mathematician, philosopher, diplomat, poet, theologian, Jesuit priest, and a polymath from the Republic of Ragusa. Nobel laureate and physicist Werner Heisenberg called him the Croatian Leibniz, the English physical chemist Sir Harold Hartley called him one of the greatest intellectuals of all time (“one of the great intellectual figures of all ages”), and his theory of natural philosophy the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche considered it “the greatest triumph over the senses that has so far been achieved on Earth”. More: Roger Joseph Boscovich – Wikipedia

 The Ruđer Bošković Institute is the largest Croatian scientific research center of a multidisciplinary character... More: Ruđer Bošković Institute (irb.hr)